Hello everyone and welcome to the new home to of Treepeekers,Net!

Shel and Freeman hope that you will be patient while they are restructuring

the new site. In the mean time alot of dust flying will be flying around,

but soon we will be settled inhello, under construction

to bring you the best Bigfoot evidence we can find and talk about

new sightings. Until then everyone take care and keep on BigFooting!!


If you would like to donate to Tree Peekers Please use the paypal button below. Thank you for helping us maintain the level of research to help our friends be safe.



We want to thank all of you who support us and

stand with us in our quest to help educate the public about the

Bigfoot People. Thank You All!

One thought on “Welcome To Treepeekers!

  1. Hi Denny, Thank you for your message. I too am from east central Il. You can look me up on facebook Shel Kaoke Dion and we could chat more in detail of this.
    Thank you, Shel Dion

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