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TreePeekers Offers A Wide Range of Education – School of Squatch!!!

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Treepeekers is offering a series of webinars focusing on all facets of hominology,  presenting an education that you will find no where else.  They will be offered in 4 segments, 3 webinars per segment.  The 3 webinars will be a package deal.  You get all 3 webinars that are 90 plus minutes one on one with Freeman and Shel Live via the internet.  Once you complete the first segment you will be on to the number 2 the next segment and there of the 3rd and by the time you are in the 4th segment you should be at a level of education you can go out on your own and have the success in communication with The Sasquatch People that Freeman and Shel experience.  There will be 3 introduction courses and 4 segments per year.  Each will be $30 payable at the time of enrollment before each webinar or you can pay the whole segment at $75 in advance.

To register for our courses we ask you to do it through our email at

Segment No. 1  Introduction of Investigative Techniques

The introduction of investigative techniques will be focused on getting the students familiar with all the signs that sasquatch is in a particular area.  How to tell the difference between what people do in the forest and what is actual sasquatch structures.  How to distinguish a real sasquatch print from a human print.  Eye shine versus eye glow will be covered. All the basic skills you need to locate an active sasquatch area and from there how to document your own research and record evidence.  Freeman and Shel are both dedicated to teaching those interested in The Sasquatch People about how to find them and then through the course learning, how to be respectful with positive outcomes.

Paying per Segment $30

Paying per Segment $75 – with the $15 Discount for paying for them altogether

Segment No. 2   Management of Adrenalized States

Management of adrenalized states is simply you being able to conquer your own fear.  Through proper spiritual guidance you can obtain a peace and calmness about yourself that builds confidence within you and all that comes near you.  Those living in the wild are very attuned to their surroundings and therefore its a way of survival and any negative energy coming off of you or your surroundings is going to drive them away.  This is not as easy as one would think and that is why it is essentially the most important segment in our curriculum.  What you will take from this spiritually will not only help you in obtaining your goals of sasquatch encounters, but will change every aspect of your life and how you deal with day to day distractions, frustrations and stress in general.

Paying per Segment $30

Paying per Segment $75 – with the $15 Discount for paying for them altogether

No. 3 Learned Habituation and Sustained Relations

Learned habituation is teaching you how to get a relationship going with a specific clan or individual sasquatch and maintaining it as it matures.  Through the 3 webinars you will learn the appropriate body language and routines that build trust between you and those you wish to befriend.  Learning the appropriate behaviors is crucial in obtaining and maintaining your position with them once it is achieved.  It must be taught in way that you learn to think every move you make out quickly and efficiently until it becomes your second nature.  You are dealing with a people that have been taught for hundreds of years to avoid us, therefore their guard is always on high alert and its no different than us walking down a city street that we know is a bad part of town.  How you present yourself is the key here in the lock you want to open.  There are routines and behaviors that you need to instill into yourself so it becomes a natural action/reaction in every situation you get put into with the sasquatch. They will test you and put you through their paces to see if you are worthy of their time.  This is where technique, security in spirituality and knowledge all come into play.  It is a process and without the process you will not go beyond just knowing they exist and maybe where they pass through.

Paying per Webinar $30

Paying per Segment $75 – with the $15 Discount for paying for them altogether

Segment No. 4 Advanced Contact Technique

Now that you are here at stage 4 there is no doubt that you have found yourself a sasquatch to interact with and/or clan.  You are now at that point…you must choose    red pill/blue!!!  At this point you think you have been researching and studying the sasquatch, their behavior and you are going to be confident and think you know all there is to know.  Guess what….. you don’t!!!   This is when you will realize you have been the one studied, trialed and tested.  Now, the fun begins and having been down these roads can assure you it is not something you want to do alone.  Guidance, Extreme Spirituality and a very open mind and heart is what you need at this point.  They most typically leave it up to you whether you want to slip into their world with the red pill or will you not know the signs and miss it totally? Later you will look back and think, oh darn i choked on the blue pill and missed my chance.   This segment is about those cognitive conjectures and the amazing talents not only do the sasquatch possess but YOU as well.   This is an exciting time and you will never be the same after you learn how to exist in their world and ours as well.   Freeman and Shel at this point have no doubt become very close with you and will consider you close to being at their level.  Beyond this it is an open window to the galaxy and much more to experience and learn but the next steps are one on one in the outdoors and another level of education and self realization.   When you finish this fourth course you can brag you have been through the Treepeekers School of Squatch Introductory Courses.

Paying per Webinar at $30 click

Paying per Segment $75 – with the $15 Discount for paying for them altogether

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